Lateral Solutions' in-house tooling centers strategically located in Singapore, Malaysia, and Suzhou provide rapid-prototyping polymer products ranging from soft rubber to hard plastic components. Depending on the complexity of designs, the lead-time ranges from 24 hours to 3 days. Our tooling centers are well-equipped to support high quantity demand. With timely maintenance of tools during mass production, we are able to process and deliver quality products at all times. At Lateral Solutions, we can assist you in product tooling design, effective cost study and analysis, and material application and selection.

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Lateral Solutions is able to provide pliable, durable parts for our customers in high volume using this clean and integrated process which is fully automated in our factories.

Our expertise in this advanced manufacturing technology is based on our deep knowledge and efforts in working with the BEST in this field.

Injection molding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is on a growth trajectory and Lateral Solutions is ready to take on this growth journey with our customers providing the best in class technology and quality products with continuous developments such as multi-component molding.

We pay attention to trends very closely on how LSR is coming up more and more in high-technology production for various applications and industries.


One of Lateral Solutions' many core strength lies in Compression Molding, with facilities strategically located worldwide, we are able to provide on-time delivery to our customers, thus being a cost-effective partner to your supply chain. Our machines tonnages ranges from 100 ton up to 400 ton, these high performance machines produce a vast array of sizes and designs in high speed, catering to the needs of our customers in many industries including electronics, telecommunications and automotive.

compression molding

Lateral Solutions specialized in manufacturing polymer products using Injection Molding technology. At Lateral Solutions, we know first hand that high precision is of utmost importance. From soft plastic to hard plastic components, our expertise and technology in Injection Molding are beneficial for the production of parts that required consistency, high quality, minimum wastage, and no post-processing.

injection molding

As an experienced player of more than 25 years in the die-cutting and stamping industry, Lateral Solutions have established a network working with various material suppliers, providing a one stop solution to your supply chain. We specialize in adhesives, foams, rubber, special film materials, conductive materials and various customized thin materials as well. Our in-house lasercut, die cut/stamping rotary machines and tooling facilities enable us to provide super-rapid turnaround prototype samples of our customers' R&D evaluation. Apart from rapid prototyping services, we are able support high volume, high quality precision parts for mass production. Our lead time range from 24 hours to 3 days, depending on the complexity of designs provided.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in the polymer industry, Lateral Solutions has a further extension into post-productions such as assemblies of polymer with various foams and adhesives. Understanding the needs of customers in many industries, we develop our own jigs, fixtures and assembly lines to ensure high output and quality products at all times.